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Comodo is the trusted brand in the online security vertical over the years. The company offers innovative security services and products that helps businesses strengthen protection against various cyber vulnerabilities. Millions of customers across world use Comodo products for securing networks and computers. Comodo Email Security effectively secure business communications from malicious attacks.

Features & Benefits

Comodo email security is a cloud based email filtering solution designed to remove spam, malicious attachments and phishing emails. Comodo secure mail gateway is the only anti-spam and threat prevention solution that uses an advanced array of spam filters, anti-virus scanners and content analysis engines to prevent any suspicious mails from entering your business network. It is the most effective email security that uses containment technology.

When malicious threats attempt to enter your network, auto containment technology contain 100% of unknown threats immediately. The centralized management console in Comodo secure email gateway simplifies the mail management in a better way. While email is the threat vector for most of the attacks such as the phishing, ransomware, and other sophisticated threats, it is not good to leave your email system unprotected.
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Backup Features

  • AEasy to use: You can configure the security as per your needs. You can apply different security levels to different employees. Dome anti-spam lets you define different type of profiles with different security restrictions and features.
  • AAdvanced Protection: Comodo auto containment protects from the latest forms of ransomware, zero-malwares and other latest attacks. The unique containment technology make sure that risks are fully contained.
  • AValkyrie file verdict system: Valkyrie file verdict system analyzes unknown files. Users can use the attachments with no worries of infection.
  • AComodo Dome Anti-spam: Comodo Dome Anti-spam uses a combination of advanced behavioral analysis to inspect files as they are being downloaded.
  • AInstant Search: The comprehensive archiving and instant search helps you locate vital information quickly and easily. You do not lose any emails and you can access any emails in the Dome Anti-spam archive.
  • AFlexible usage: All your emails both archived and quarantined, you can resend, delete, mark as spam on the management console.
  • AStable filtering: Stable filtering helps to restore the bandwidth lost due to unwanted email traffic, reducing the load on the email server. Unwanted email traffic is filtered before it reaches your network and you get the email you want in your inbox.
  • AEfficient System: Efficient system bring back productivity by identifying and deleting spam. It prevents DoS attacks.

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LITS DISTRIBUTION is the largest Comodo Email Security Distributor in Middle East. We have a strong network of resellers who are efficiently trained to deploy the powerful Comodo Email Security to customers across GCC and MENA countries. Apart from the UAE, we are the foremost Comodo Security Distributor in Jordan, Lebanon, Egypt, Israel, Bahrain, Oman, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Pakistan and India. Our skilled professionals ensures your business gets the best protection on your websites with the truly world-class security solution. Protect your business email account with the best Email Security solution.

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