Protect your Endpoint Devices form Advanced & Unknown Threats

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Protect your endpoint devices from advanced threats

Cyber-attacks are becoming serious threats to businesses across the world. One element of a business network that is most vulnerable to cyber-attacks is the endpoint devices. Therefore, it is important for your business to focus on endpoint security for the protection of your valuable systems and data. Comodo Endpoint security is all you need to protect your business against sophisticated threats.

LITS DISTRIBUTION is a top values distributor of Best endpoint security software UAE, Qatar, Oman, KSA and other GCC countries and MENA region. Comodo is a top endpoint security software relied by businesses in Middle East and other parts of world.

Features & Benefits

Comodo Security is a complete cyber security technology that delivers a security platform to protect systems and data against the most advanced threats. In a complex on-premises, mobile and cloud networks, protection of endpoint devices is highly needed. Comodo Advanced Endpoint protection never lets your endpoint devices become the target to modern cyber criminals who are constantly using advanced threats to launch attacks.

Comodo endpoint security prevents threats without causing any downtime to your business and does not cause any stress as well. Designed with fast and competent technology, Comodo Endpoint Protection provides a seamless experience and helps you earn customer trust. The endpoint protection is highly effective for various threats that attack endpoint devices including bots, brute force or DDoS attacks, keyloggers, malware and ransomware. Deploy Comodo endpoint security and stop unknown threats so you can focus on your business.
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Key Features

  • AProtection from a range of attacks: Complete endpoint protection platform to secure your endpoint devices from malware, data breaches and ransomware.
  • ANever impact productivity and performance: Machine learning and human expert analysis provides you quick notifications. Protects endpoint devices against 100 % of unknown threats without impacting productivity and device performance.
  • AAuto containment technology: When malicious threats attempt to execute on an endpoint device Comodo auto containment technology contain 100% of unknown threats immediately
  • AVirus Scope Behavior Analyzer: This advanced tool monitors behaviors of all processes to detect dangerous actions.
  • AValkyrie Analyzer: Valkyrie Analyzer is a cloud-based file analysis platform to evaluate unknown threats statically and dynamically in the cloud.
  • AComodo Antivirus: Comodo Antivirus is ideal antivirus that automatically identify, cleanse and quarantine suspicious files.
  • AIntrusion Prevention System: Monitor vital operating system activities to view any intrusions.
  • AFileless malware protection: Protect from malware that has no files to attack.
  • AComodo Host Firewall: Provides effective protection against inbound and outbound threats.

Comodo Security provides immediate remediation to unknown threats. With its advanced features and capabilities Comodo security has enabled many businesses to combat sophisticated threats in an effective manner. Quickly bring an end to cyber threats by deploying Comodo endpoint protection and improve business performance.

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LITS Distribution is the leading Comodo Security Distributor in  UAE | Qatar | Oman | KSA and other GCC countries. We have a strong network of resellers who are professionally trained to deploy the powerful next generation endpoint security solution to customers across GCC and MENA countries. Apart from the UAE, we are the largest and the foremost Comodo Security Distributor in Egypt, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Qatar, Oman, Bahrain and India. Our highly knowledgeable team ensures your business gets the best protection on your websites with the truly world-class security solution.

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