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Put Thwart to Security Breaches

Cyber-attacks are becoming serious threats to businesses across the world. One element of a business network that is most vulnerable to cyber-attacks is the endpoint devices. Therefore, it is important for your business to focus on endpoint security for the protection of your valuable systems and data. Comodo Endpoint security is all you need to protect your business against sophisticated threats.LITS is a top valued distributor of Best endpoint security software India, UAE, Qatar, Oman, KSA and other GCC countries and MENA region. Comodo is a top endpoint security software relied by businesses in Middle East and other parts of world.

What is Xcitium/Comodo Security?

Xcitium previously known as Comodo is one of the top-rated security solution that protects systems and data against most advanced threats. Comodo’s latest security architecture features various prevention technologies to stop threats while having no impact on business downtime or workflows. Patented auto containment, global threat intelligence, verdict engine, multi-tenant capabilities, attack chain visualizations, scalable protection, and the feature list goes on. Prevent attacks in real-time with Comodo. Comodo security fulfill your security goals with enterprise-grade security platforms, features and capabilities. With over 700,000 customers and largest market share, Comodo stands tall in the cybersecurity industry.

Advanced Endpoint Protection

It prevents any damage to your endpoint devices by verifying 100% of unknown executable files, isolates ransomware and unknown threats with Comodo’s auto containment technology, all without impacting endpoint performance and user performance.

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Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR)

Get visibility into your endpoint activities, and quickly identify how hackers attempt to gain unauthorized access to your network. Comodo EDR (Endpoint detection and response) can detect Fileless malware before it appears.

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Mobile Device Security

This technology ensures security for IOS and Android. It helps you keep your data and mobile applications safe from different types of malware such as ransomware, cryptoware, spyware, viruses, and adware.

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Advantages ofXcitium...

No other security solution prevents threats like Comodo security does. Besides ensuring complete security against unknown threats, Comodo Security tools improves productivity, business performance and make the processes fault-free.

Quickly protects endpoint devices from zero-day threats and damage real-time

Get internal and external threat intelligence to block threats

Centralize your security operations for full control and visibility

Protect against unknown threats using patented behavioral AI

Prevent ransomware with 100% effectiveness

Identify attacks with root-cause analysis for effective remediation

No down time to users and workflows

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What Makes Us Different?

Value Added Distributor

Value added distributor for a range of enterprise security, continuity, migration  and BDR products and solutions. We proudly introduce products from leading security vendors to markets.

Partner Support

Partner support for any issue such as pre-sales and post-sales support. Get answers on products, design, configuration, installation, and troubleshooting.

Customer Support

Enhanced customer support, always-on support at your disposal. Our experts combines technical knowledge to resolve issues and boost success.

Latest Technology

Latest technology imbibed security, migration, business continuity solutions. Ensure your business remain safe and build a culture of resilience

Vendor Support

Comprehensive end-to-end vendor support that ensures the product is fully optimized. Predictive, preventive and proactive support for smooth running of business.

Quick Adoption

LITS help you quickly unlock business potential by offering the solutions that best suits your various needs.  As a result, it boosts adoption and get your business performing in every circumstances.


  • Patented auto containment technology to prevent 100% of unknown threats in real-time
  • Comodo NGAV, a powerful antivirus automatically detect, clean and quarantine suspicious files
  • Fileless malware protection
  • Comodo host firewall keeps incoming threats out as well as clear suspicious threats going out
  • Valkyrie threat analyzer scans unknown threats with real-time scans
  • Monitors operating system processes to detect any intrusion
  • Attach chain visualizations to help security analysts better understand process behavior
  • Behavioral analysis against unknown files with Valkyrie Verdicting Engine
  • EDR (Enterprise Detection and Response) notifies you about suspicious activities
  • Auto containment compatibility, and recommended security policy
  • Identity Theft Protection monitors dark web activities and alerts if your credentials are compromised
  • Comodo mobile VPN keeps your data 100% secure and confidential
  • Mobile safe browsing protect against malicious websites and phishing links
  • Firewall disable data traffic of apps
  • Comodo’s Wi-Fi security offers Wi-Fi protection
  • Antivirus tracks and destroys any malware hiding on your POC
  • Identifies spyware threats and destroy each virus
  • Track down, detect and remove rootkits on system
  • Stops dangerous software from attacking your PC
  • Auto sandbox technology runs unknown files in a completely isolated environment
  • State-of-the-art protection against buffer overflow attacks
  • Anti-malware destroys dangerous processes before it makes harm

Frequently Asked Questions.

Yes, Comodo is the most trusted Certificate Authority in the industry today. It offers the most robust web security at competitive prices.

Threat Intelligence Lab constantly monitors and analyze files from endpoint devices to gain additional insights into known and potential threats

Comodo collect data to provide services, improve customer experiences and engagement while protecting and maintaining the privacy of customer data.

Sandbox, a virtual environment to detect unknown and suspicious programs. Comodo Internet Security Pro runs suspicious programs in the sandbox without affecting Windows. This protection ensures that no viruses cause damage.

Comodo Secure Shopping offers exceptional security for online shopping and banking by allowing your browser running in a highly secured virtual environment. Secure Shopping provides many advanced prevention mechanisms to protect customer shopping.

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