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Centralized Solutions for Preventing Confidential Data Leaks

data leakage prevention

Data Loss Prevention software helps in detecting potential data intrusions and prevents them by active monitoring. Without them, unauthorized third-party may acquire access to sensitive data. It protects data through phases like in-usage, in-motion, and at-rest. It ensures safe software development through automated business applications source code control system. Our integrated solutions detect external & internal threats and collects evidence for future legal proceedings against the violations. Measures include: firewalls, traffic monitoring, endpoint security, IDSs, anti-virus, machine learning, and temporal reasoning algorithms.

Data Loss Prevention solution is essential for business to ensure your critical data remains secured within the corporate network. Data loss prevention software effectively prevent the data from being shared maliciously by unauthorized users. As the attacks are getting advanced and with many of them looking to enter into networks for data violations, it makes sense to implement security solution that supports DLP to prevent outside threats and attacks. Your business can secure your data with the industry leading CoSoSys Endpoint protector.

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LITS Distribution is a value added distributor of CoSoSys, one of the best DLP solution UAE, Qatar, Oman, KSA, India, Pakistan and other MENA region.



  1. Supports cross platform
  2. AIntellectual Property Protection
  3. APersonal identifiable information Protection
  4. Insider Threat Protection
  5. USB and peripheral port control
  6. Content Aware Protection
  7. Enforced Encryption: 
  8. eDiscovery to scan data at rest

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