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Websites are becoming the target of cybercriminals and hackers for the purpose of data theft, spreading malicious content, hate messages and all. These faults and misconfigurations in a website are known as web vulnerabilities. Web vulnerabilities allows cybercriminals to gain control of the website and even the hosting server as well. Therefore, enterprises need a scanning solution that can quickly and consistently identify web vulnerabilities, and to prevent unauthorized access to mission-critical data by the cybercriminals and hackers.

GamaShield Plus, a comprehensive security to protect your websites

GamaShield Plus is a comprehensive cyber security technology that is armed with advanced tools to recognize website vulnerabilities. Fortune companies use GamaShield Plus to protect their important web applications and data. The security technology is equipped with automated cloud-based virtual hacker technology to identify dangerous malware and vulnerabilities on your website in minutes.

The web security solution combines a remote online web vulnerability scanner, a malware detection and monitoring, and web application firewall. These utilities provide comprehensive protection that eradicates malwares and vulnerabilities from your website. If you want to protect your business website from hackers and cyber attackers, it is worthwhile to implement GamaShield Plus as your security cover.
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KEY features


Remote online web vulnerability scanner:

A web application scanner scans the entire website, makes in-depth analysis on each and every file and prevents would-be hackers from gaining unauthorized access to applications and data. The scanner conducts an automatic inspection for common security loopholes.


Malware detection and monitoring:

Malware detection and monitoring helps in the protection of your website against injection of suspicious files and malware. This provides an optimal protection cover for your websites.


Easy to use and user-friendly interface:

Get a spontaneous view of your web security with comprehensive dashboards and make informed decisions to improve security within your enterprise.


Advanced Scanning solutions:

GamaSec is built on AI technologies that penetrate deeply into the application layers. Scanners learn attacks on a real-time basis to identify hidden infections.


Cloud-based web application firewall:

The web application firewall monitors web traffic and filters out all malicious traffic.


Distributed Denial of Service:

GamaSec provides protection against Distributed Denial of service attacks. It is more capable of protecting the network layer, transport layer and application layer. The security provides consistent protection against web attacks.


GamaSec threat detection:

The in-built virtual hacker technology monitors your website and detects harmful malware and web application threats that can disable business operations and damage reputation. The technology reveals weakness before the hacker had the chance to take advantage of it.


Cloud-based solution:

You can meet your cyber security challenges without the need for hiring skilled engineers and making upfront investments.

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