Application Aware Business Continuity Engine with Near Zero Downtime


LITS DISTRIBUTION is the distributor of best high availability software in UAE, QATAR, KSA, OMAN and other countries across the world. We offer a reliable Continuity Engine software that keeps the users continuously connected to the system without missing a single byte of data. They are well tested, re-assuring, and dependable for a high-quality operational performance. With extended time of accessibility, and reduced response period, our systems are ready for any unexpected event, anomalies, or downtimes, with a backup site. In case of failure detection, it will standby the host to prevent the repercussions from reaching the user. So, they are bound to experience interrupted uptimes.

Neverfail delivers Continuous Availability solutions to some of the most highly recognizable brands in the world. More than 5,000 customers in over 60 countries depend on Neverfail to reduce risk through continuity solutions without the worry, time, or cost of traditional methods.

Get Neverfail – The best business continuity and high availability software in UAE | Qatar | Oman | KSA | India and other parts of the world.



  1. Unified Continuous Availability and Disaster Recovery
  2. Built-in Replication
  3. Proactive Application Health Monitoring
  4. Multi-tier Application Groups Protection
  5. Built-in WAN Acceleration.
  6. VMware vSphere and vMotion integration.
  7. VMware SRM integration
  8. Integrated Data Protection
  9. Tertiary Node Support
  10. Flexible Network Configuration Options
  11. CE Management Service Web Client


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