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Today’s retail business needs to cope up with the ever-growing expectations of customers. If the customers get the experience, they are looking for, it will result in enhanced sales and brand reputation. As a retailer, you should adopt state of the art retail solutions that enhance engagement, enhance trust, and offer a personalized experience with customers. LITS Retail solution lends a helping hand that helps you meet you meet your customer needs.


LITS Retail is a comprehensive solution designed to focus on the retailers and its customer’s needs in mind. It can help you maintain a strong bond with customers and increase customer base. LITS Retail is built on top of Microsoft Dynamics 365 where you can tap into the powerful capabilities that Dynamics 365 offers. It provides the visibility, collaboration and agility needed to run your retail business successfully.

Developed with the help of domain experts, our retail solution provides you with capabilities to manage your retail operations and foster growth. Moreover, the solution is enriched with functionalities that cover sales, inventory and employee management. With easy deployment options, and configurable and extendable features LITS Retail is undoubtedly the smarter choice for a more connected retail shopping experience to customers.

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KEY features


Customizable Graphical User Interface:

The solution allows to customize graphical user interface according to user needs. It will make the interactions better and help you improve efficiency


Mobile POS:

It is an ideal way for your business as it helps to take payments from the credit cards on the go.



LITS Retail offers a range of language options that makes it easy for everyone to operate it.


Barcode scanning:

Barcode scanning automate data collection and improves productivity



To prevent unauthorized access to your confidential data, LITS Retail incorporates best security measure


Kitting Functionality:

Users when searching a product will be able to see separate, but related items together. When search for a laptop, the user will see associated products such as mouse, keyboard etc.



LITS Retail solution allows you to source, store and sell inventory. The solution helps to maintain the right stock, at the right levels and in the right place.


Account Management:

LITS Retail solution provides the best account management solution that help you attain a comprehensive view of customer accounts relations with ease.



The solution allows you to monitor number of sales, revenue generation, payment history, customize receipts and more


Layaway Sales:

You can offer layaway sales arrangement to your customers, where they can keep specific products in exchange for a deposit


Variable Pricing:

LITS Retail solution allows you to alter the price of a product depending upon the region, sales location etc.


Refund Management:

The refund management allows you to manage refunds. It saves you from painstaking and routine tasks through automation


Stock checking and Editing:

Reporting and analytics solution never let you run out of in-stocks. It enables you to make informed decisions such as stock ordering, promotion, staffing etc.



LITS Retail has the employee management features that help your workers perform at their best and achieve your business goals. it helps to manage employee recruitment, payroll management, performance management and more.

Empower your retail business with LITS RETAIL solution in UAE, Qatar, Oman, KSA, Jordan, Kuwait, Israel, India, Pakistan and other parts of world.

LITS Distribution provides you with the right retail solution that helps you streamline retail operations and make critical decisions. LITS retail software offers effortless coordination, communication, anywhere and anytime access, work collaboration, security features and more. Our experts can customize the LITS Retail solution to meet your business needs.

Get in touch with us. We will provide you with a solution that is not only reliable but also fast to manage a range of retail tasks in quick time.

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