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Create Digital Resilience with Microsoft Azure

LITS helps businesses digitally transform using the Microsoft Azure cloud platform. As an experienced Microsoft Gold Partner, we have transformed many organizations across Middle East, Asian and African regions with Microsoft Azure Cloud. In your transformation journey, we make your business more productive than ever.

We provide tailored cloud solutions utilizing Azure features and services as per your business needs, helping you to achieve a more agile work culture. From planning to implementation, licensing and support, our dynamic Microsoft Azure professionals provides you support throughout.

Azure Virtual Machines

Optimize your infrastructure and save cost with Azure virtual machines. Migrate your business to Azure Cloud platform and run mission-critical applications on Azure Virtual Machines. Choose Windows or Linux or Windows Virtual Machines in Azure and get the virtualization without having to buy and maintain the physical hardware. Azure VM’s gives a quick way to create a computer with specific configurations that can be connected to your network. Only pay for the compute time you use.

Azure Kubernetes Service

Azure Kubernetes Service provides a quick way to develop and deploy cloud-native applications. Kubernetes provides an open-source API to seamlessly manage complex applications. It speed up containerized application development. Kubernetes arranges bunch of virtual machines and organize containers to run applications on those VM’s. Develop more containerized apps and implement it in a portable, scalable, and extensible manner using Azure Kubernetes service.

Azure Dedicated Host

Azure Dedicated Host is an Azure Cloud service that offers physical servers to host one or more Azure VM’s. Virtual Machines can be deployed across dedicated host. The server capacity remains isolated. No other users can’t use your reserved server space to deploy their VM’s. When you use this service, you gain control over the essential Azure infrastructure running your Azure VM’s. The pricing is based on the host level regardless of the count of VM’s you run on the host.

Azure App Service

Azure App Service is a cloud computing-based platform for hosting web apps, API’s, and mobile back ends. Create high quality web and mobile apps for any platform or device using your favorite programming language and framework. It supports .NET, Node.js, Java, Python or PHP. It ensures high availability of apps (99.95% uptime), protect your apps with Azure Web Application Firewall, use Azure Active directory to secure app access and simplify operations with built-in monitoring.

Azure Virtual Desktops

Azure Desktop is a desktop service that runs on the cloud. You can create Azure Virtual Desktop in quick time to enable secure remote work. Virtually access Windows 11 desktops and applications anywhere. Protect your business data and applications with state of the art security capabilities that can identify and stop threats. Bring your own system and access your desktop over the internet using an Azure Virtual Desktop.

Azure Backup

Azure Backup offers a centralized backup solution to back up your data. Back up Azure Virtual Machines, on-premises servers, SQL Server and more. Easily manage backups from a central console, automate backup policy, prevent accidental data loss, protect data against ransomware attacks by enabling multi-user authentication, restore data from the Azure Cloud, and reduce extra cost of additional backup infrastructure. Monitor, manage, govern, and simplify data protection in a consistent manner using Azure Backup.

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What Makes Us Different?

Fast And Efficient

Get started with critical business functionalities with quick and efficient implementation. We help you transform business performance and gain a competitive advantage always using Dynamics 365.

Experienced Professionals

Our dedicated professionals with years of experience proactively manages and support all your D 365 needs, and help you reach the next level of growth for your business.

Advanced Solutions

We optimize Microsoft Dynamics 365 to gain best advantage to your business. We understand your industry and know your business, and can craft better solutions that matches your needs.

Competitive Prices

LITS adopts a competitive pricing strategy that offers the best value for your solution. Get the most powerful benefits that Microsoft Dynamics 365 brings to you.

Friendly & Reliable

Our team of Dynamics 365 professionals have the right amount of expertise and experience to offer you the most friendly and reliable solution that connect customers, people, data and processes.

Quick Adoption

LITS help you quickly unlock business potential by providing your employees thorough guidance and insights. As a result, it boots user adoption and get your business performing at top speed.

Microsoft Azure: Capabilities


  • Reliable block storage
  • Scalable data lake for high-performance for analytics
  • Cloud file shares
  • Enhanced protection against ransomware
  • Make predictions using data
  • Uncover insights from data
  • Machine learning models
  • Azure confidential computing
  • Enterprise-grade analytics
  • Blockchain and BI
  • Real-time analytics
  • Create cloud apps for web and mobile
  • Cognitive search and services
  • Develop, test, release and monitor desktop and mobile apps
  • Azure IOT
  • Azure Industrial IOT
  • Best-in-class security for IOT solutions
  • Azure IOT for safer work environment
  • Built-in cloud governance capabilities
  • Backup and disaster recovery
  • Cloud-native network security

Frequently Asked Questions.

Azure offers more than 100 services including computing, networking, IOT, developer tools, databases and more. Azure is a cloud computing platform adopted by leading organizations worldwide.

The important reasons are flexibility, scalability, cost-effectiveness, ease of app development and various other services. No IT expertise is required to manage the resources. With a range of programming tools, databases and framework, you can design, build, test, and launch applications. Azure provides disaster recovery which ensures business continuity always.

Azure offers various computing services including infrastructure as a service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), and Software as a Service (SaaS). Depending on your requirements you can choose the suitable type.

Azure offers pay-as-you-go pricing. Better contact Microsoft Partner like LITS who can provide you supervision on the Azure computing resources pricing. Azure is priced in US dollars across the world and pricing includes for Azure products and services, support and others.

The free account will be available to new Azure users

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