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Delight Your Customers With Exceptional Customer Service

LITS helps you enhance customer experience and agent effectiveness with the proper deployment of Dynamics 365 Customer Service. As a Microsoft certified Gold Partner, our service enables organizations to provide seamless end-to-end customer support across all channels.

Beyond Dynamics 365 Implementation, our D365 consultants offer proper customization, integration, support, and training, all of which help you elevate customer satisfaction. LITS is the recognized Dynamics 365 Customer Service Partner in the Middle East, Asian and African regions.

What is Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service is a powerful customer service solution that empower organizations to deliver the best service experience to customers. As a reliable customer service application, Dynamics 365 Customer Service offers a rich array of capabilities that helps you deliver the best service possible to your customers.

Personalize customer engagement, deliver right information at the right time, improve agent and customer experiences with AI and analytics, enable self-service options, satisfy and win customers for life, all using Dynamics 365 Customer Service

With D365 Business Central, your business can perform at an optimal level, the outcome of which is improved customer satisfaction, productivity and business growth.
Why Dynamics 365 Customer Service for your business?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service is an end-to-end solution for efficient customer service across multiple customer engagement channels. It provides efficient case routing for service agents, knowledge base, and insights through AI and analytics. D365 Customer Service is an omnichannel solution that provides omnichannel engagement through digital messaging channels.

Dynamics 365 Customer Service: Benefits
  • Improve customer trust: Omnichannel support enables agents to serve multiple customers across various channels straight from Dynamics 365 customer service platform. Address and resolve customer issues quickly with deep insights into customers and increase customer trust

  • Improve productivity of agents: When working with customers, agents can access information about current problems, case history, and related cases, dramatically reducing customer waiting time and improving agent productivity. Access to knowledge base also improve agent productivity

  • Improve customer satisfaction through self-service capabilities: Customers can find answers through self-service options such as AI-powered virtual agents (chatbots), knowledge base and customer portals without waiting for human assistance. This helps improve customer satisfaction and win more customers

  • Personalized experiences: Comprehensive view of customers help agents to provide personalized experiences across channels which elevates trust on your service or brand. Moreover, agents can satisfy customer expectations by proper understanding of their needs

  • Customer engagement: Engage customers on their own terms. Engage with customers on their preferred channels and convenient time. This will accelerate customer loyalty and prompt them to visit you next time

  • Resolve issues faster: Resolve customer problems using AI and intelligent routing (assigning customer cases to the most qualified agent). Use channels like Voice, chat, text, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, WeChat, Twitter and more to deliver best customer experiences

  • Team collaboration: Take advantage of Microsoft Teams for intelligent collaboration and communication to improve productivity and efficiency. Share information between team members and across departments to make informed decisions.

  • Act on customer feedback: Use survey data from Dynamics 365 Customer Voice and act on customer feedback. This helps you make enhancements to your products or services.

  • Deliver proactive service: Identify and resolve issues before they happen with IOT alerts and signals. Moreover, stay connected with customers by automatically sending notifications of status of support tickets, upcoming appointments, and other needs.

LITS Offers


LITS has enormous experience working with Microsoft Dynamics 365. Our team has the technical acumen to deliver Dynamics 365 implementation.

We have a dedicated team of Dynamics 365 consultants who can design and deploy Dynamics 365 Customer Service as per customer requirements. They have deep industry experience in various other Dynamics 365 applications. We are also experts in Power Platform, Dynamics 365 CRM and ERP, Microsoft 365, and Azure cloud services.

  • Consulting: D365 consultants provide expert guidance on how the service solution will benefit your business performance and growth
  • Customization: Customize D365 Customer Service in line with your needs to efficiently manage your service operations
  • End-to-end support: Experienced and dedicated technical consultants are at your disposal to handle unexpected issues coming out of the solution and resolve customer queries

  Deploy the best customer service solution to deliver the best experiences to customers.

Partner with the leading Dynamics 365 Customer Service consultants in UAE, other Middle East, Asian and African regions.


What Makes Us Different?

Fast And Efficient

Get started with critical business functionalities with quick and efficient implementation. We help you transform business performance and gain a competitive advantage always using Dynamics 365.

Experienced Professionals

Our dedicated professionals with years of experience proactively manages and support all your D 365 needs, and help you reach the next level of growth for your business.

Advanced Solutions

We optimize Microsoft Dynamics 365 to gain best advantage to your business. We understand your industry and know your business, and can craft better solutions that matches your needs.

Competitive Prices

LITS adopts a competitive pricing strategy that offers the best value for your solution. Get the most powerful benefits that Microsoft Dynamics 365 brings to you.

Friendly & Reliable

Our team of Dynamics 365 professionals have the right amount of expertise and experience to offer you the most friendly and reliable solution that connect customers, people, data and processes.

Quick Adoption

LITS help you quickly unlock business potential by providing your employees thorough guidance and insights. As a result, it boots user adoption and get your business performing at top speed.

Dynamics 365 Customer Service: Capabilities

  • Instantly connect and engage with customers via digital messaging channels
  • Deliver support with comprehensive customer understanding
  • Provide support via real-time chat, SMS, Voice, Microsoft Teams, and social media
  • Present customers with cross-sell up-sell opportunities
  • Improve agent effectiveness with agent productivity tools
  • Distribute the customer requests fairly among agents
  • Intelligent routing assigns incoming requests from all channels to the best suited agents
  • Automatically assign service requests using AI (artificial intelligence)
  • Ensure incoming work requests on all channels are routed in a similar manner
  • Address customer problems using AI-powered chatbots
  • Provide customers access to your knowledge base
  • Facilitate case resolution without human intervention
  • Create and manage knowledge articles for customers

  • Enhanced knowledge base search

  • Include AI-suggested keywords and descriptions

  • Quick case resolution with helpful information

  • Quickly resolve case using intelligent collaboration
  • Set meetings, chat with experts and colleagues
  • Solve issues with customer support swarming using Teams
  • Share chat conversation with participants in Teams
  • Communicate with customers using voice channel
  • Receive and make PSTN calls
  • AI-based suggestions boost agent productivity
  • Resolve issues faster with AI-powered features like sentiment analysis and call transcription
  • Get call insights and trends
  • Charts and metrics in Dashboards improve customer service
  • AI-generated insights on customer cases, agents and topics
  • Detailed reports on agents
  • View into service operations across channels
  • Advanced AI technology to help service teams
  • Improved agent productivity
  • Enable Customer Service historical analytics reports
  • Knowledge search analytics reports
  • Omnichannel historical analytics reports

Dynamics 365 Customer Service License Plans

Take customer service to new heights with right Dynamics 365 Customer Service plan

Dynamics 365 Customer Service is available in two licensing plans.

Dynamics 365 Customer Service Professional

$50user / month

Core Customer Service capabilities

Dynamics 365 Customer Service Enterprise

$95user / month

Advanced Customer Service capabilities

Frequently Asked Questions.

You can use Dynamics 365 Customer Service to deliver the best experience to your customers. It offers a range of capabilities that enables your customer service teams to personalize each experience and improves team’s productivity so you can elevate customer satisfaction and earn customers for life.   

Omnichannel capability in Dynamics 365 customer Service allows you to connect and engage with customers across digital messaging channels. With this capability, you can engage with your customers through channels like Live Chat, SMS and Voice.

Dynamics 365 is a cloud-based solution, but can be implemented as an on-premise solution. Get expert guidance from your Dynamics 365 partners.

Digital messaging and Voice Add-in, Voice Channel Add-in and Digital Messaging Add-in and Chat Add-in. All these Add-ins require Customer Service Enterprise license.

Get consultation from  Microsoft Partner who are experts in Dynamics 365 implementation. They help you choose the right customer service plan that has the essential features needed for your business. They even customize to meet your specific tasks, as well as provide integration, support and training.

Yes, D365 Customer Service is best. It includes the capabilities to deliver best experience to customers. Unified routing direct the customer case to right customer agent, knowledge management helps agents deliver exceptional customer care with access to latest knowledge base, voice channel capability enable agents to communicate with customers across various voice channels, customer insights helps to get a 360 degree view of each customer, and more.

Ultimate shop experience. Effortlessly build high-converting online shops and start selling in a few minutes.
Ultimate shop experience. Effortlessly build high-converting online shops and start selling in a few minutes.

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