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NeverFail, a global software firm, Headquartered in Austin, Texas, USA, NeverFail has years of successful history in providing continuous assessment and availability solutions to big companies worldwide. Delivers high availability, disaster recovery and data protection software to organisations across various industries. It also provides application-aware business continuity software, a high availability solution for business continuity and disaster recovery. NeverFail High Availability solutions ensure your mission-critical applications stay online during unforeseen incidents, and that too without any data loss.

What is Continuity Engine?

NeverFail Business Continuity Engine has been designed to protect mission-critical applications, servers and data from a range of impacts. This business continuity software guarantees 24/7 uptime irrespective of the kind of threats. It automatically initiates right actions to restore business in quick time without affecting user’s jobs when your business suffers any type of interruption. Simply put, NeverFail safeguard your applications, data and servers from any type of outage.

Streamlined Deployments in Any Environment

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Seamless Protection of Multi-tier Applications

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Centralized Engine Management Service

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Supports DR Testing Without Interruption

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Proactive Application Health Monitoring

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Automated Recloning

We always focus on technical excellence & strategic partnership, while remaining the platform-agnostic.

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Features ofContinuity Engine...

No other business continuity solution protects your applications and data like the Neverfail Continuity Engine. Besides ensuring business continuity, Neverfail disaster recovery tools make it easy for the enterprises to build a complete disaster recovery plan.

Unified Continuous Availability and Disaster Recovery

CE provides complete protection for your critical business.

Built-in Replication

CE’s built-in replication lowers the threshold for data loss by delivering near-zero RPOs and significantly reduces overall costs.

Proactive health monitoring

CE prevents application failures by proactively monitoring application health in real-time and detecting patterns of degradation before a failure can occur.

Built-in WAN Acceleration

Built-in data compression & data de-duplication capabilities reduce disaster recovery operational costs by reducing WAN replication traffic & associated network bandwidth requirements.

Multi-tier Application Groups Protection

CE can coordinate failover of any collection of application components across multiple servers and recover them in designated priority order.

Flexible Network Configuration Options

CE allows administrators to deploy multiple network configurations whether it’s a single NIC configuration or dual NIC configurations.

VMware vSphere & vMotion integration

Extends application intelligence & proactive application health monitoring to workloads running on VMware vSphere infrastructure by enabling administrators to configure automated remediation triggers associated with VMware, vSphere HA, vMotion, Storage vMotion or enhanced vMotion actions.

Tertiary Node Support

CE provides flexible topology options for extended redundancy combining local HA and remote DR failover, as well as for multi-site Disaster Recovery.

VMware SRM integration

CE adds Disaster Recovery capabilities for physical machines within VMware Site Recovery Manager by enabling synchronized virtual machine replicas of protected physical machines to be recovered during VMware SRM recovery plans.

Integrated Data Protection

CE provides a Data Rollback Module that integrates with Windows Volume Shadow Copy Service to prevent data corruption and data loss.

Looking for Collaboration?

Increase Values

Social marketing and advertising.

We provide digital experience services to startups and small businesses. We help our clients succeed by creating brand identities, digital experiences, and print materials. Install any demo, plugin or template in a matter of seconds.

Increase Values

Social marketing and advertising.

We provide digital experience services to startups and small businesses. We help our clients succeed by creating brand identities, digital experiences, and print materials. Install any demo, plugin or template in a matter of seconds.

Increase Values

Social marketing and advertising.

We provide digital experience services to startups and small businesses. We help our clients succeed by creating brand identities, digital experiences, and print materials. Install any demo, plugin or template in a matter of seconds.

What Makes Us Different?

Value Added Distributor

Value added distributor for a range of enterprise security, continuity, migration  and BDR products and solutions. We proudly introduce products from leading security vendors to markets.

Partner Support

Partner support for any issue such as pre-sales and post-sales support. Get answers on products, design, configuration, installation, and troubleshooting.

Customer Support

Enhanced customer support, always-on support at your disposal. Our experts combines technical knowledge to resolve issues and boost success.

Latest Technology

Latest technology imbibed security, migration, business continuity solutions. Ensure your business remain safe and build a culture of resilience

Vendor Support

Comprehensive end-to-end vendor support that ensures the product is fully optimized. Predictive, preventive and proactive support for smooth running of business.

Quick Adoption

LITS help you quickly unlock business potential by offering the solutions that best suits your various needs.  As a result, it boosts adoption and get your business performing in every circumstances.


  • Manage payables and receivables and reconcile bank accounts
  • Manage inventory cost, fixed assets, and close Income Statement for multiple companies
  • Financial reporting provides insights into business financial health
  • Power BI reports to get insights into your financial data
  • Track and manage the flow of cash in and out of business
  • Cash flow and late payment
  • Create sales campaigns to attract new customers and retain existing customers
  • Get insights into current and previous sales activities
  • Manage incoming leads and keep track of potential sales
  • Manage entire sales from Microsoft Outlook and improve sales productivity
  • Get an overview of entire sales process with sales reporting and make informed decisions
  • Effectively maintain an overview of materials
  • View the availability of materials by sales, by period, and per location
  • Transfer materials between locations within business unit and warehouse
  • Perform physical counting of inventory
  • Ensures smooth flow of materials to and from warehouse
  • Manage inbound and outbound warehouse operations
  • Get insights into current and previous inventory and warehouse activities using reports
  • Multiple Picking options, various item receiving capabilities
  • Seamless Integration with warehouse handheld devices to drive productivity
  • Optimize production with intelligent planning, scheduling, distribution and inventory
  • Minimize disruptions in manufacturing process
  • Support various manufacturing types - lean, discrete, and process, and mixed-mode
  • Use AI and IOT to streamline manufacturing process
  • Reduce expenses and determine supply chain with demand forecasting
  • Provides visibility into entire supply chain process
  • Quickly deliver products at right place at the right price and at the right time
  • Increases customer satisfaction
  • Reduce the shortage of inventory and maximize profitability
  • Deliver exceptional experiences to customers, increase customer trust and satisfaction
  • Manage field service operations by dispatching service technicians at the right time
  • Assign service technicians based on their expertise
  • Warranty management for customer assets and services, and simplify warranty claims
  • Coordinate projects effectively
  • Complete and deliver projects on-time at estimated budget
  • Monitor employee hours on projects using time sheets, and handle resource levels
  • Track projects and allocation of resources

— 97.6  Customer Satisfaction

Hear from Happy clients

At LITS Distribution our clients are also our greatest advocates. It is our dedication to add value to our client’s business that converts customers to clients and clients to business partners. Our clients are our greatest assets and marketing channel!

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