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NeverFail Migrate

Neverfail is a global leader that helps business to seamlessly run operations without risks. Most leading enterprises in over 60 countries leverage Neverfail’s IT Controls and Availability Solutions to save their business from unforeseen threats and risks. Neverfail helps business to migrate to cloud through its intelligent migration tool Neverfail migrate.

Features & Benefits

Neverfail Migrate helps your business to migrate Microsoft Windows servers to the cloud in the most efficient manner possible. Neverfail migrate supports storage migration, physical to virtual migration, data center or cloud migrations without causing any downtime and manual labor. Neverfail understands that each element of the application is important and can cause disruption if the migration is not properly managed.

To deal with this complexity Neverfail leverages advanced technology framework to make sure your migration is successful. With less impact on target servers, Neverfail migrate keep things running steadily before and after migration.
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Key Benefits

  • ANeverfail Migrate identically create your current production server in the new location or environment by keeping all the relationships in place to ensure a successful server migration.
  • AMake an exact copy of all of your data between servers to make sure that they share identical character and data set.
  • ANeverfail Migrate helps to move your workload to and fro between servers in one click while ensuring no downtime to end users and with no manual labor. If any problems occur you can go back to your current working environment within seconds. Continue migration until the server migration is final.
  • AEnsures scalable server, application groups and even complete site migration from a centralized management console.
  • ANeverfail migrate allows seamless data center migration from current operating environment to another without causing data loss. The migration requires no physical effort and is logical.
  • ANeverfail Migrate solution helps you safely migrate a set of instructions or programs from the current platform to the cloud without any data loss and risks. Combined with an automation strategy the solution makes your migration easy.
  • ASupports migrating applications between identical or different hardware or platforms.
  • AYou can migrate VMware vSphere, the cloud computing platform from VMware, Microsoft Hyper-V, the virtualization software and dedicated physical servers from centralized location.

Ensure simple and efficient migration of data and applications with Neverfail Migrate

Neverfail Migrate is based on Neverfail’s state-of-the-art continuity engine technology. No other application makes the migration of data and applications to the cloud like Neverfail Migrate does. Neverfail Migration tools make it easy for the enterprises to achieve successful migration to cloud. As the foremost Neverfail Distributor in the UAE, LITS DISTRIBUTION is in the front with Neverfail Migrate solution offering to enterprises of all sizes and categories.
LITS Distribution is the largest and the primary distributor of “Neverfail” in the GCC and MENA region. We have a strong network of resellers for deploying Neverfail Migrate helping customers with successful migration to cloud without any downtime and data loss. Apart from the UAE, we are also the largest and the foremost Neverfail Distributor in UAE, Bahrain, Oman, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Jordan, Lebanon, Egypt, Israel, Pakistan and India. Enquire now.

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