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Reasons why your business need disaster recovery as a service

Disaster Recovery basically is a way to protect business data and applications from downtime, which can occur due to various reasons such as natural disaster, human error or any cyber attacks. When downtime is hit, business cannot serve its clients and will affect business revenue and reputation.

It may be difficult to predict when the disaster will hit your business. To prepare for the unforeseen situations in advance, you need to have a proper disaster recovery strategy in place. The best way to protect your business data and applications is to have a cloud-based recovery solution called DRaaS (Disaster Recovery as a Service).


What is DRaaS?

DRaaS is a cloud-based IT service like Software as a Service (SaaS) or Platform as a Service(PaaS) solution. In this cloud-based recovery model, your data is securely stored in a remote cloud data center that cannot be accessed without proper authentication. Provided by third-party service providers, DRaaS is rich in functionalities and is the largely opted DR service by organizations worldwide.

DRaaS provider ensures the replication of data. In case your business operations cease due to any unforeseen disasters, the saved copies of data will be re-established in quick time.


Main benefits of DRaaS

The main advantage of cloud-based disaster recovery service is cost savings. If you decide to set a similar infrastructure for your backup and disaster recovery needs, you have to purchase hardware and software licenses to establish the environment. Buying an own disaster recovery solution for businesses with less applications is a costly affair. At the same time in the case of DRaaS, you do not have to worry about hardware or software licensing.

Simple to use

Running and maintaining an own disaster recovery environment is a costly deal and is too complex. The same is true in the case of testing backup and recovery processes as well. You can eliminate the need for setting infrastructure and forget about high administrative and maintenance needs when you choose cloud-based DRaaS

Regular backup and fast recovery

DRaaS automatically back up data to the cloud in frequent intervals and recover the data when in need. Backup frequency and recovery speed can be set by the administrator. It should be set at the optimal values to reduce the data loss and monetary loss due to system outage or disaster.

Data security

As the data resides in the cloud data center, there would be no compromise in the security of your data. Your data will be protected against disaster loss and from unauthorized access. Cloud-based disaster recovery solutions provide sophisticated protection with the latest security mechanisms. With a high level of security your data is safe and secure.


Another benefit of the DRaaS solution is that your system can be accessed from any location over the internet. In some extreme situations when you cannot go to your workplace, you can access the remote server from any location. You and your higher authorities can manage applications and data, take reports and analyze data, run backup and recover lost data.              


Get the best DRaaS solution from Vembu

Vembu BDR (backup and disaster recovery) suite is a comprehensive solution that enable service providers to deliver the best DRaaS. It offers features that are designed for service providers to make services simpler and effective.

Vembu allows you to backup and replicate in every 15 minutes, ensuring that client’s business can back in action with the latest data.
Vembu cloud-based disaster recovery solution is highly secure, scalable and consistent. Moreover, it provides efficient storage management
Vembu DRaaS is designed to provide multi-tenant and offsite backup capabilities that ensures full protection of data.
Provides a centralized management portal that gives complete visibility into backup jobs and reports through a common user interface.
Vembu BDR offers flexible deployment options that fits in your backup environment.

When your business is looking for best cloud-based disaster recovery solution, Vembu DRaaS is the best choice. You can know more about Vembu DRaaS offering from the leading Vembu Distributors in UUAE, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Bahrain, Qatar, Kuwait, Jordan, Pakistan, and India.

LITS DISTRIBUTION is the leading BDR distributor in the Middle East. We have years of experience in providing backup and recovery solutions to enterprises of all sizes across UAE, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Bahrain, Qatar, Kuwait, Jordan, Pakistan, and India. With a robust network of professionals and resellers, we help you deploy a right disaster recovery solution as per your business needs. Implement the advanced cloud-based disaster recovery solution from the largest  Distributors of Vembu products.

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