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Why does your company need the most recent cybersecurity technologies?

Organizations all throughout the world are concerned about the increase in cybercrime.

According to a Microsoft analysis, the percentage of cyberattacks directed at vital infrastructure climbed from 20% to 40% between June 2021 and July 2022.


Due to the lack of adequate cyber security measures at the targeted firms, several cyberattacks have been successful. Microsoft suggests using the most recent cyber security technology to combat threats and avoid damage.


How important is cybersecurity?


Cybersecurity continues to be a primary priority to safeguard businesses from numerous threats as firms increasingly rely on linked technology to conduct corporate operations. Further complicating matters are the sophistication of attacks and the methods used by attackers.


With all of these considerations, your company needs a cutting-edge cyber security solution like Comodo or Seqrite to guard against both current and potential attacks.


Why is it important to adopt modern cybersecurity technologies?


In the past, cyberattacks had a negligible effect. The nature of cybercrime has changed, and recent attacks like the WannaCry and Maui ransomware attacks have drawn major international attention to the problem.


Finding and implementing the newest cyber security techniques is urgently needed. Here, you must be aware of cybercrimes, treat them seriously, and implement cutting-edge cybersecurity measures.


We draw your attention to the importance of having a solid security foundation for your company.


Cyberattack targets are evolving.


Cyber-attacks target more than simply those looking to exact revenge, make quick cash, or steal sensitive company data. The nature of the threat is now worsening and growing. The objectives include any crucial infrastructure, including hospitals, data centres, airports, and the like.


Cyber risks are getting worse.


Attackers are becoming more sophisticated and dangerous today. Additionally, using skilled hackers to defend the is not a good idea. Attackers are as technically skilled as experts in the field of computer science. And as attack-prevention systems advance, so do the techniques used in cybercrime.


The consequences are disastrous.


As was previously mentioned, every important piece of infrastructure is linked. Data from organizations is kept in digital form in numerous interconnected systems located in various places. An attack on the connected systems can have a significant impact on corporate operations in such situations. Businesses could face major difficulties if such systems are not protected from potential cyberattacks.


All of these factors highlight the requirement for best-in-class security solutions within your company.


What are the most recent innovations in cyber security?


Newer technology are used in cybercrimes to cause damage. Major infrastructures have recently been the target of a large number of attacks, mostly malware and ransomware operations.


Even if attacks cannot be entirely averted, technology should be employed to really prevent them. The preferable course of action is to recognize and make advantage of emerging technology to enhance security. Here are a few of the most cutting-edge cyber security tools.


Artificial intelligence


AI advances the state of cyber security and aids businesses in staying ahead of dangers. A solution powered by AI for endpoint detection and response enables you to understand the whole context of an attack for efficient damage control and secure endpoints. Big volumes of data, including real-time interactions, transactions, and records, are being analysed using machine learning and natural language processing to spot risks or unlawful activity.


Behaviour Analysis


AI, machine learning, and analytics are all used in behavioural analytics to spot dishonest behaviour. Cyber technologies frequently use behaviour analytics to spot differences in users’ typical behaviour. To identify cyber dangers, it is helpful to identify trends in network or system activity.




The topic of blockchain cyber security is becoming more popular across sectors. Higher data secrecy, availability, and dependability provided by blockchain technology make it more difficult for hackers to access networks and data. Blockchain technology has various advantages for cyber security, including user privacy, data transparency, secure data processing, and secure data transfers.


Comprehensive security solutions for your organization from Comodo Security and Seqrite

Comodo Security and Seqrite are two names you can trust when it comes to cutting-edge cybersecurity solutions. Both are based on cutting-edge technologies that defend against phishing, ransomware, and zero-day threats on your endpoint devices, cloud workloads, and online apps.


Comodo Security


Comodo Containment Technology powers Comodo Security. Zero-day threats are more effectively defeated by Comodo containment technology than by any other security product on the market right now. Comodo uses virtualization, behaviour analytics, file lookups, and AV checks to route all unauthorized files and processes to a safe container swiftly and intelligently. The Valkyrie verdict engine analyzes the behaviour of unknown files to determine whether or not they are malicious.


Seqrite End Point Protection


Your network and associated systems are protected using cutting-edge technology by Seqrite. The Endpoint Threat Hunting tool efficiently locates assaults and stops them from harming the system. The behaviour-based detection system used by Seqrite can recognize and stop ransomware assaults. Your cybersecurity posture will benefit from Seqrite Endpoint security solutions, which include asset management and threat detection checks.


It makes sense to rely on the assistance of top security software distributors if you want to strengthen the security posture for your company using the best enterprise security technologies.


In the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Bahrain, Qatar, Egypt, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Pakistan, and India, join forces with the top provider of IT security solutions.

With competence in advising, deployment, support, and marketing, LITS DISTRIBUTION is a significant participant in the distribution of IT security software.


We collaborate with the top international providers of IT security, like Comodo, Seqrite Avanan, Neverfail, Vembu, Seceon, and others. With LITS DISTRIBUTION, you can investigate a range of enterprise-grade solutions, from disaster recovery and backup solutions to cloud email security solutions, endpoint protection, threat management, and cloud migration tools.


Our team of security experts can help you select the best cybersecurity solution for your company. With top-notch security tools, our skilled personnel make sure your company is protected to the fullest from new dangers.


Get the solution from one of our resellers in the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Bahrain, Qatar, Egypt, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Pakistan, and India, no matter where your company is located.

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