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In the at-risk business landscape, organizations need proactive solutions to keep their business and data safe. Your business may be disrupted in many ways – system errors, intentional deletion of data, malicious hacker attacks and disasters. Taking these into account, it is important to have a proper data protection solution in place to protect your business from data loss, hardware failures and disasters. When it comes to a backup solution that protects your data in the simplest way, Xopero ONE Backup and Recovery is the best fit.

Xopero ONE Backup and Recovery

Xopero ONE is a state-of-the-art software backup and recovery software designed to limit the risk of data loss and business downtime. It provides you a professional and recovery solution with enterprise-class features. You can get your business back on track within minutes with advanced capabilities like instant restore, Bare Metal restore, Cross-platform and Granular Recovery. The solution effortlessly and easily protects critical business data on endpoints and servers, virtual machines, Microsoft 365 and more.

Features & Benefits

Xopero favors any infrastructure and is compatible with every storage. The solution can be deployed within minutes without any investment in additional hardware or resources. Thanks to the super-friendly interface that helps you manage data protection fast, easy and effortlessly. Multi-tenancy architecture, mass-deployment, advanced encryption settings, secure password manager, now all these top-notch features are affordable to businesses of all sizes. Xopero provides complete protection of your business data with backup and recovery. No matter where your data is stored, your entire environment is covered.



Guaranteed endpoint security:

You can protect your data from threats including cyber-attacks, hardware failures and disasters. Easily take data backup from Windows, Linux and Mac workstations and laptops. The solution keeps your data encrypted across various storage destinations.

  • Fast and reliable backup: You can backup only the set of data or entire PC’s. Leverage various enterprise-grade features, advanced endpoint protection and backup plans to amplify the backup process and reduce your storage usage.
  • Smart recovery: Ransomware may damage your files or folders. Xopero helps you restore important files and folders to the same location or location you specify. The solution allows you to have immediate access to the files even if the disk is encrypted or compressed. Bare metal restore feature in Xopero restore files, folders and the entire system to new device or hardware. Get your business up and running with immediate recovery of data.

Guaranteed server protection :

Xopero protects your Windows and Linux-based servers from data loss, failures, cyber-attack and disasters. It protects your most valuable data from any event of failure and ensures your data can be accessed and recovered anytime you need. The data is kept in encrypted form on a broad range of storage destinations. Restore entire system or specific data in case of any disasters, ensure business continuity and save time and reputation.

  • Quick and reliable backup: You can backup entire servers or portions of data in quick time. Leverage various enterprise-grade features, server protection and advanced customization to accelerate server backup execution and reduce storage usage.
  • Recovery: Ransomware can cause damage to your Windows or Linux Servers. Xopero restores servers and helps you get back to work quickly. Restore the whole server or chosen data using Bare Metal Restore capability. Get your business up and running with immediate recovery and ensure business continuity.

VMWARE Backup Solution:

Xopero ONE Backup and Recovery provides enterprise-grade protection for your virtual environment. Xopero Backup and Recovery for VMware and vSphere offers cost-effective and reliable solution that meet the expectations of the virtual environments.

  • VM Backup: Xopero ONE Backup and Recovery offers complete data protection for your ESXi workloads in the VMware virtual environment. You can create image-based and application-aware backups of virtual environments and ESXi workloads. You can perform agentless backups of virtual environments, image-based backups of all disk data and incremental backups to backup only blocks of data.
  • VMware Data Recovery: Xopero ONE Backup and Recovery bring recoverability to your virtual environment ensuring business continuity in minutes. Recover important VMs with entire disk data and configuration files to latest state and resume operations faster. With Xopero ONE Backup and Recovery you can meet the expected recovery point objectives more efficiently.

Microsoft 365 Backup :

Xopero backup Office 365 mails, OneDrive data, calendars and contacts. Granular recovery technology restore anything from single email message to whole mailboxes to the original or different location. Xopero keeps your OneDrive data secured and encrypted, therefore in the event of failure, you can recover entire or only chosen data. Xopero ensures your M365 backup data is accessible and recoverable when you need them. You can manage all these through the user-friendly web management console.

With highly secured, enterprise-grade features and friendly management, Xopero ONE Backup and Recovery ensure data protection, accessibility and recoverability. This makes sure that you can continue your business operations without any interruptions.

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